Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The first post on Nitin Yadav personal blog. Ain’t it awesome

I write my first post to see how this whole thing (Nitin Yadav personal blog)about blogging works. I have heard good stuff about blogging from friends but have never really blogged. Finally I decided to make the plunge and create this blog on blog spot called Nitin Yadav personal blog and this will be my first post to test how it really works
I really like the user interface that blogspot provides and this editor is pretty good. I prefer to write in Microsoft word though and this is just to test the editor for Nitin Yadav personal blog and the user interface. I will be writing in word offline and then post when I have time.
Somewhere down the line I will set up email publishing that will allow me to post without signing in to blogspot and I can do it whenever I travel. I wonder how easy the set up for email posting will be for Nitin Yadav personal blog.
And if this blog really gets popular some day I will buy a domain and create my personal (well not personal anymore) blog and host it with some provider (Godaddy?). I keep getting discount coupons from GoDaddy and maybe I will get to use that someday for Nitin Yadav personal blog.
I also plan to create social pages and promote on social media because I heard that brings the most traffic early on for Nitin Yadav personal blog. Twitter seems to be really good at it followed by pinterest. Well since it takes only 10 minutes to create an account I may as well create accounts on all social media sites.
Finally comes seo, I don’t know anything about seo and therefore will have to rely on third parties to do seo for my blog (Nitin Yadav personal blog). With all this animal stuff that google brings out I am scared of using seo services but I really don’t have any choice since that is required to really build good traffic for the future (not to forget free traffic) to Nitin Yadav personal blog
Enough said wish me luck and let me get started. Bon Voyage.